Salon Etiquette – Explore How to Tip and Many More

Most of the women spend several hours per year in hair salons. During their hair make over sessions, they sit under hair dryers and getting foiled. They also prolonged their patience just to enhance their hair appearance. In the world of hair beauty improvement, have we ever asked ourselves of we follow the rules of hair salon etiquette? Do you know the proper tipping and what special words to say for your hairstylists?

Check out some questions that need an answer so as to fully understand the concept of salon etiquettes. Here are some of the things and questions that you should seek an answer:

How much must I tip to my hairstylist?

Salon Etiquette – Explore How to Tip and Many MoreMost experts suggest that it’s good to tip the hairstylist for about 20% based on the services they have received from the salon. That’s why the more services the hairstylists could offer, the higher the tip is highly appreciated. Almost all hairstylists are on a commission basis and the other portion will be given to the salon owner. So, tip is more significant to the stylists.

How much do I have to tip to the hairstylists if there are more stylists handling the procedures?

The amount of money or tip to the hairstylist may also depend on the hair salon itself. Tipping the shampooer depends on your preferences. However, it would be much better if the shampooer will also be given a tip for her services since she also helped you to have hair make over. According to some experts and sources, it is recommendable to give a tip to a shampooer for at least $1 or $2. If you are in doubt, then you may ask the client coordinator or the receptionist once you make an appointment for the schedule.

What if I only want one person to apply shampoo and wash my hair?

As a customer, it is very acceptable to choose and request someone to apply shampoo on your hair for whatever reasons. The bottom line is that the customers pay for the services and for the salary of the stylists; so, the stylists must be willing to take the challenge in order to make the customers satisfied.

What if I don’t like the haircut? Can I also demand to fix it for free?

If the customers are not satisfied with the services being rendered by the hairstylists, then most of the hair salons offer free service to fix it. At some instances, the hair salon also fixes a schedule for the customer so as to fix everything on their hairstyles. Some hair salons may also have their own policy about dealing and handling with unsatisfied customers. To avoid this issue, it would be better if both customers and hairstylists must have proper communication before they start the hairstyling procedures. Customers may also bring photos and images that would serve as a guide for their hairstyles and cuts.

Terms You Shouldn’t Miss to Effectively Communicate With Your Stylists

For you to be able to effectively communicate with your hairstylists, you should always know how to talk to them in a polite manner.  Also, you must know some important terms related to hairstyling while inside the salon. For your reference and as a guide, the following are listed for you:

  • Fringe – This refers to the straight across the bangs.
  • Swooping – This refers to the bangs that swoop to its side
  • Texturizing – It talks about thinning or eliminating hair.
  • Inverted – It is a style which is slightly shorter at the back portion and longer on the front part.
  • Peek-a-boo highlights – These are the chunky colors that can be found underneath. These are not fully noticeable on its top.
  • Layers – These styles can either be longer or shorter depending on the customer’s tastes and preferences.
  • Face frame – This is a sort of hairstyle which tapers on the front portion.
  • Blended/chunky highlights – Any of these two highlights are good. However, it has its own distinctions. Blended highlights come with light ones with several thin streaks. Chunky highlights come in a large section of colors.

These different technologies related to salon procedures may also help you to communicate with your hairstylists. You can even understand them when they are using terms even when referring to hair beauty improvement.

Some Things to Remember about Hair Salon Etiquette

Are you not sure on how much you will tip the hairstylists at the salon? If yes, then you’re not alone since most of the customers are worried about proper tipping at the hair salon. Hairstylists are always wanted to render notable services to their customers. So, they make an extra mile to be the best salon among the different beauty salons in their places.

But, have you ever ask yourself about the proper ways and etiquettes while you are at the salon? If you are not completely aware of these things, then don’t be bothered because we will give you a glimpse on the proper approaches and etiquettes while dealing your hairstylists at the salon. Take a good look at the succeeding topics and discussions for these will give you the knowledge about tipping and proper dealing them.

How Much You Should Tip for the Hairstylists?

Some Things to Remember about Hair Salon EtiquetteWhat the customers do – In some hair salon, most customers gave tip at least 10% to 25%. However, some women stick to 20%. In any places, this percentage is quite high and more generous though the services being rendered cost more. Most women believe that 20% is just a lower price for them since their hair beauty procedures are quite higher in terms of its cost.

What hair salon staffs/hairstylists want you to do – In order to be fair, you may start giving tip from 20%. If you have a toddler or a kid with you, then you may increase your incentive or tip to them. There are some reasons why you may tip them more. You may give at least 20% tip if the hair salon compresses you at the final moment. Probably, your stylists provide shoulder massage or hand massage after the procedures. The bottom line is that if you want the services of the hairstylist, the try to give a 20% tip or more than that. It’s just a matter of building relationships to them during and after the hair beauty procedures.

Should you give tip to the shampooer?

What the customers do – Things thing is quite confusing. Many customers give 20% tip and figure out that the hairstylist will share the tip with the shampooer.

What hair salon staffs/hairstylists want you to do – In giving tip to the hairstylists; you should try to forget the idea of giving tip to the waiters at the restaurant. But instead, try to give every hairstylist separately. The more the stylists or the shampooer do (like applying toner and some special products, the higher the tip you may give to them. But in some smaller salons, giving tip for at least 5% is already excessive for them since the cost of the shampoo and some hair products that they use are quite affordable.

Do you also tip the salon owner?

What the customers do – Most of the customers believe that they should not give tip to the owner of the salon if he/she is the one who did the hair beauty procedures. In spite of this belief, there are still some customers who tend to give tip to the salon owner because they would like to show their appreciation out of rendering exceptional services.

What hair salon staffs/hairstylists want you to do – The rule being mentioned above does not apply anymore. It’s much better if you as a customer would give a certain tip to the owner as well.

What bugs the stylists?

What the customers do – Some customers distract the hairstylists, especially if they use their phones or laptops during the procedures. They may not think that the styles and haircuts will be affected if they don’t sit properly during the hair styling procedures.

What hair salon staffs/hairstylists want you to do – Just be on time and do not cancel your appointment within 24 hours. As much as possible, don’t use cell phones, laptops or any other gadgets while the procedure is on-going. Your body must be on the right position so as to have a good hairstyle or cut.

What about giving gifts?

What the customers do – At some instances, when the customers are already attached to their stylists, they give both gifts and money during holidays. Their presents may come in handmade items such as cookies or crafts. However, some items purchased from the stores are also acceptable.

What hair salon staffs/hairstylists want you to do – Almost all stylists really appreciate recognition and great thanks during holiday seasons. You may give gifts to your hairstylists along with a card and don’t forget to include your name as sender.  It is because this will give them the privilege to be acknowledged and recognized by their customers.

Tipping Your Hairstylist at the Salon

Some of us are now comfortable when it comes to properly tipping the hairstylists at the salon. Most of us don’t know how to tip them correctly as we are not fully aware of the different etiquettes when we are at their beauty salon. Tipping at the salon is not the same as tipping at the restaurant or fast food chain.

In fact, tipping your hairstylists at the salon requires proper ways so as to have great camaraderie. There are also some key tips that you have to remember in order to completely understand the proper tipping to them. Check out the following so as to know all the right things to do when you are already in their beauty salon.

Essential Things to Know in Tipping Your Hairstylists

Tipping Your Hairstylist at the SalonEvery one of us wants a great satisfaction when it comes to beauty enhancement during the procedures and even after leaving the salon. We always wanted to make our hair more beautiful than before; so, we encourage them to do their best for our physical outlook. During the hair makeover, stylists utilize lots of products like shampoo, toner, spa and some other that would enhance its appearance.

Then, after getting the right haircut or style, we may not even say thanks to them for being nice and great to you while rendering the services. This thing must not be done since they also wait for your sincerest appreciations and recognition for their deeds and services. You may do the right things for them to be happy just like the following:

  • Giving tips to the stylists at the salon – Some of us only gave at least 20% to the hairstylist who is doing the procedures for us. Probably, we are quite fond of giving tip just like in the restaurant or fast food chain. Well, as what I’ve said, it’s different from that. It would be advisable if you as a customer will give all the hairstylists at the salon since they made a great job for you.
  • Say thanks when already done – A simple “thanks” may do for you to express your gratitude to them. Since their services are good enough and met your expectations, then that word must be given to them.
  • Show your appreciation – One way of showing your appreciation to the services that they have given to you is through recognition. When you recognized their services, you also recognized their talents and skills. Thus, they deeply and secretly flattered which makes them more inspired to do the succeeding jobs or works.

With these great tips and information about tipping your hairstylists at the salon, we can make sure that proper etiquettes will be prevailed. As individuals, we can also be nice to them as we always wanted the best and exceptional services for all. Once we come back for the next hair beauty care session, they are always willing to extend their arms just to help us with our concerns. Furthermore, they will also be willing to make remarkable things and ways in order to make our physical outlook be improved.

Explore the Essential Things Which Your Hairstylists Won’t Tell You

Explore the Essential Things Which Your Hairstylists Won’t Tell YouOf course, no one would love to have an ugly hair style when leaving the salon. So, it’s better to look for an expert stylist so as to end up having great satisfaction. To ensure great results, you may also bring a photo that describes your best styles. But, are you sure that your expectations were achieved after the hair styling procedures? Does your new hairstyle bring more comfort than before? Well, you have to be more conscious about these things so as to successfully attain your goals.

For your reference and more information, we have listed 11 things which your hairstylists will not tell out loud prior to have your next hairstyle:

  1. Great and beautiful hair requires work. Sorry. – At some point, if you are after for a good-looking hair, then it may take some works. But, if you already have the perfect hair and beautiful thickness of it, then of course, you might want to achieve the exact hair appearance from the photo which you take with you.
  2. Surpise! Some celebrities have stunning hair like you. Celebrities are born natural and ordinary. However, when they grew up, they hire some stylists so as to improve the beauty of their hair. They also utilize wigs, extensions and different hair products. But, if you would like to pay the prices or their cost of living, then you may say that it’s not practical to have celebrity stunning hair every day.
  3. Do you want wash and beautiful hair? Me, too. – Only few people have wash and beautiful hair. Many people want to have a great hair appearance; so, they work at it. In fact, some of them create an experiment using new styling techniques, right shampoo and some other products to be utilized.
  4. Are you not fan of utilizing hair products? – If you are not fond of utilizing some hair-care products, then do not expect that you can have a good-looking hair appearance. All stylists use several products during hairstyling procedures. It is because these can help them to achieve the best results which you really want for your hair. The bottom line is that new professional hair products are good to be utilized and could even give you new admiration to your hair.
  5. Please utilize as directed. – Though you are always using the product for good, there’s a possibility that you might probably used it improperly. So, it’s better to ask some pieces of advice from the experts about the hair products to be utilized and take those suggestions from them. If the product is not successfully working on your hair, then you may ask the experts if you can change the hair brand products to be used.
  6. Innovation is good. Embraces some innovations. – If you ask your hairstylist with a new look but you always have the style like before, then you might not still be satisfied with the output. In fact, it seems that it’s only just the same as your hairstyle before.
  7. Try again if you don’t succeed at first – Always try new things and styles for your hair. You may try again the new styles of you do not get it properly at the very first time.
  8. Only dream if you are asleep – Always think for the real expectations on your hair. You may ask your expert stylist to guide you in choosing the best looks which would be suitable for the effort you are willing to exert.
  9. The short and long of it – Of course, if takes time to create best style if you have more hair. So, you have to accept this truth if you are after for a great hair result after the procedure.
  10. Talking about acceptance – As we get older, hair changes like our skin and ourselves. It is the reality, but we can still work on it to preserve its present condition. As long as that you are after for the best hair appearance ever, then you must be willing to work on the styles for good.
  11. Your hairstylist is not happy unless you are happy too. – Hairstylists are always after for the satisfaction of their customers. That’s why they want to see every customer to be happy during and after the hairstyling procedures. Of course, you represent their experiences, skills, talents and the good name of their salon.

These 11 things that were cited above are of great importance to be known by the customers like you. At least, you can have an idea about the reality and the several facts about hairstyling in the beauty salon.